About RTFC

Who We Are

RTFC is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative created solely to serve the financial needs of the rural telecommunications industry.

Created in 1987 to provide financing for rural telephone companies and cooperatives and their affiliates, RTFC is the only private-sector lender owned and governed by the rural telecom industry.

The RTFC Vision

RTFC’s vision is to create value for the rural telecommunications industry by providing superior financial services.

Board of Directors

Overall RTFC policy is set by a member-elected board of directors. Active and knowledgeable leaders of the telecom industry, these directors keep RTFC directly connected to its member-owners. Combining their industry background with prudent lending practices results in products that assure RTFC’s continued financial success and effectiveness for its members.


RTFC practices strong rural advocacy and education through its support of several industry organizations and foundations. Each year, RTFC puts a percentage of its earnings in a cooperative education fund. Monies from this fund support grants and programs that encourage development and education in rural America.


Membership in RTFC is open to cooperative and commercial telephone companies serving rural areas that are eligible for financing from RUS.

If you would like to join the almost 500 rural telcos who are owner-members of RTFC, please contact us.


Our Affiliate: CFC

RTFC is funded by and affiliated with the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) through operating and management agreements. CFC and telephone industry leaders created RTFC in 1987 to provide financing for rural telephone companies and cooperatives.