Disaster Preparedness

RTFC is prepared to restore essential business operations with 36 hours following a major disaster of any type. Our comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan includes specific preparations and staff training to re-establish key functions following a business interruption, including our ability to:

  • Process transactions,
  • Fund loan advances and
  • Maintain access to the capital markets through our financial partners.

Each of our operating groups is prepared to conduct business and minimize disruption for our members. The disaster plan is supported by:

  • An alternate worksite furnished with computers, workstations and other necessary supplies and equipment,
  • A duplicate information system,
  • An electronic backup of critical data, including all member information, such as loan histories and invoices, and
  • Real-time replication of financial transactions at the recovery site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We review, test and update the plan to reflect any changes in our business environment on a regular basis. Additionally, we frequently conduct Disaster Recovery exercises with the information technology group and business areas.

Our disaster recovery plan includes a crisis communications plan for communicating with members and staff in the event of a business interruption. A Crisis Communications Team is in place to ensure that the most accurate and timely information possible is provided to our members and business partners.