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Is RTFC a government organization?
RTFC is not affiliated with the government. RTFC is a not-for-profit cooperative financial organization affiliated with, and created by, the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC).


What’s CFC?
CFC stands for the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. Like RTFC, CFC is a not-for-profit financial organization. For more information about CFC or the financial services available to its electric cooperative members, visit CFC’s website.


What’s the difference between a cooperative and other banks?
A cooperative is a not-for-profit organization that is owned by its members who all have a democratic say in its leadership. Margins (profits) that the cooperative organization earns are returned to its member/owners in the form of a patronage capital check. RTFC disburses patronage capital in late January or early February.


What is RTFC’s membership criteria?
Membership in RTFC is open to cooperative and commercial telephone companies serving rural areas. RTFC’s lending and financial services are available to the membership, member affiliates, trade associations and other organizations serving the telecommunications needs of rural.


How do I become member?
If you would like to join the ranks of almost 500 rural telcos enjoying the benefits of borrowing from RTFC, please contact us.


Can I apply for a loan if I’m not a member?
RTFC makes loans only to its members and affiliates of members; however, if you are eligible to become a member, your membership application can be processed concurrently with a loan application.


Who is on the current RTFC board of directors?
RTFC members can view a listing of the board members in the Member Center. Please log into the Member Center and then click on “Meet the Board.” We do not make this information available to non-members.


What does RTFC finance?
RTFC is prepared to finance a variety of the needs of our member telco systems. Our typical loans are for infrastructure upgrades, equipment and acquisitions.


What are the latest interest rates?
RTFC members can access our interest rates on a daily basis by visiting the secure portion of our site: the Member Center. Rates are not available to non-members.


What are your fees?
Fee information is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Access our staff directory and contact an RTFC account manager for more information.


I want to talk to someone about a loan. What should I do?
There are several ways to reach RTFC’s account managers. Please contact us to get in touch with an account manager. 


Can I view my loan history online?
Yes. RTFC members can visit the Financial Tools section of our secure online Member Center to view their loan history, print out audit confirmations and enjoy access to other data.


I need an audit confirmation report for my accountant. How can I get one?
Audit confirmation reports are available in the Financial Tools section of our secure online Member Center. These reports can be printed for your needs.


I get mail from RTFC with the wrong address on it. How can I change that?
Contact RTFCCommunications@nrucfc.coop for assistance.


My company has merged with another telco. What should I do?
Please let us know so we can keep our member records up-to-date! You can contact RTFCCommunications@nrucfc.coop to notify us of mergers and acquisitions. In many cases, one party will be due a refund of the $1,000 membership fee.


My company has a new General Manager, what should I do?
Contact RTFCCommunications@nrucfc.coop to ensure our databases are updated with the correct information.

How can I get a copy of the most recent annual report?
Contact Senior Communications Manager Beth Ann Johnson at 703-467-1800 for a copy of the report.


Who can sign up for access to the online Member Center?
Employees of RTFC member systems are eligible for access to the online Member Center. Visit the Create Account page and take the first step toward the convenience of online information access.


What information is available in the Member Center?
Once a member creates their password-protected online account, they can log into the Member Center to:

  • View their telco's loan history
  • Complete the officer compliance certificate survey
  • Check interest rates
  • Print out audit confirmation reports
  • Access their telco's amortization schedule


How can I run for elections to the RTFC Board of Directors?
A call for nominations for director candidates is sent out each fall by the nominating committee, which is appointed annually by the RTFC Board of Directors. The committee then recommends the candidate slate for each open position. The RTFC Bylaws allow for a petition process by candidates who were not recommended by the committee but want to be added to the ballot. Eligible board candidates must be a director, trustee, officer or manager of an RTFC member.


When is the next election going to be held?
RTFC elections are held each year at our annual meeting. For information about the date of the next annual meeting, contact Corporate Communications Director Perry Stambaugh at 703-467-1800.


I won’t be at the annual meeting. Can I still vote in the director elections?
The RTFC Bylaws allow for mail balloting for director elections. All RTFC voting members receive election information including candidate biographies and a mail ballot about three weeks prior to the annual meeting date. If you think your system did not receive this information, please contact Corporate Communications Director Perry Stambaugh at 703-467-1800.


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