Benefits of Membership

RTFC members enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members. Advantages of this structure include the sharing of margins with member-owners based on their borrowing activity and the ability of members to participate in the governance of RTFC by electing directors, attending the annual meeting or running for the board of directors.

RTFC also offers its members flexible credit and investment products and other services, including:

Term Loans

Secured term loans are available to members who choose not to borrow from the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) or those that seek financing for purposes that are not eligible for RUS funding.

Lines and Letters of Credit

RTFC’s lines of credit are designed to assist members in meeting short-term cash needs and to provide interim financing for RUS construction loans. An RTFC letter of credit is often a preferred alternative to surety or performance bonds. They also can guarantee a borrower’s liquidity and serve as credit support.

Investment Opportunities

RTFC members have access to investment products of RTFC’s lender, the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC), including the Daily Fund, CFC Commercial Paper, Medium-Term Notes and Select Notes.

Online Resources

RTFC members have access to the Member Center, a secure, password-protected section of RTFC’s website created specifically for RTFC members and their affiliates. Members can find current rate information, customized information on their loan history, amortization schedules, audit confirmation reports and other information.

Subscription to Capital Connections

Published quarterly, RTFC’s member newsletter, Capital Connections, features news about RTFC, the economy, the financial markets and other issues affecting the telecom industry.

How to Become a Member

Membership in RTFC is open to cooperative and commercial telephone companies serving rural areas that are eligible for financing from the Rural Utilities Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

RTFC’s financial services are available to RTFC members and their affiliates, trade associations and other organizations serving rural America’s telecommunications needs.

If you would like to join the almost 500 rural telcos who are owner-members of RTFC, please contact us.