Lending Instruments

RTFC provides a variety of flexible loan and financial service products designed to match the business needs of our members. Whether it's for acquisitions, refinancings or construction projects, RTFC is dedicated to offering competitive rates and superior service to our members.

Term Loans

With terms generally not exceeding eight years, RTFC's loans can be used for construction and debt refinancing, as well as for acquisitions and other projects that meet feasibility requirements.

Lines of Credit

Lines of credit are designed to assist member telcos in meeting short-term cash needs and interim financing for RUS construction loans. These loans are administratively simple, with funds made available in a short period of time wtih no unused facility fee required.

Start the Loan Process

Speak with an RTFC account manager today for more details about loan options and pricing.

Interest Rate Options

Borrowers may choose from a monthly variable rate based on RTFC's costs or a fixed rate based on matched funding costs. Loans also can be split into variable- and fixed-rate portions.