RTFC Ready to Finance Broadband Buildout Goals

May 25, 2017

If your telco has elected to participate in the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM), RTFC can provide financing to help you meet the associated buildout requirements.

“For telcos that went with A-CAM, the race is on to reach the required upload/download speeds, and RTFC can help you cross the finish line,” says Vice President of Portfolio Management Don Samonte. “Whether you need an interest-only revolving bridge loan to fill the funding gap or want a secured term loan to finance capital expenditures, RTFC is actively lending for a variety of telecommunications projects.”

RTFC provides secured loans for equipment installation, infrastructure projects and other corporate purchases. Loan amounts are determined on an individual basis, and both variable and fixed interest rates are offered.

“We can pair unsecured lines of credit with a capital expenditures loan to help members with all of their funding needs,” Samonte adds. “And, of course, capex financing is also available to those ILECs remaining on legacy support.”

RTFC members interested in financing can contact Samonte or their account manager at 800-346-7095. You can also hear more about RTFC financing at NTCA’s Finance and Accounting Conference, August 20-24, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Samonte will participate in a session discussing “RTFC Perspectives on Telecom Lending.”